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Civil War Era Fort Pulaski

Just outside of Savannah, GA, near Tybee Island, sits Fort Pulaski National Monument. Named for the revolutionary war hero, polish patriot General Casimir Pulaski, killed during an attempted siege of British forces at Savannah, this fort served mainly during the Civil War era of our country.

The fort is very well preserved and really fascinating to tour. We loved comparing this fort to the Castillo de San Marcos in Saint Augustine that we visited in March, talking about their similarities and differences (like using coquina vs. brick for construction materials.)

Sawyer & Stuart were also able to complete the Junior Ranger Program booklet, talk with a ranger, and receive their Fort Pulaski NPS badges. We feel so blessed to be learning history so close to where it occurred. It's excited for us all!

The kids thought it was really funny that the fort was only 15 miles from our campground (Hilton Head National), but it took us about 45 minutes to get there having to reroute per the swampy Carolina lands through downtown Savannah. It's not a bad drive at all. Savannah is a beautifully historic town and so cool to see. We loved exploring there last year, and would love to again in the future.

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