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Fishing at Fort Wilderness

No stay at Disney's Fort Wilderness is complete without talking about the bass fishing. The boys are obsessed with it. We were lucky enough to celebrate Sawyer's 13th birthday while we were staying at the Fort this winter.

Of all the Disney resorts, parks, and entertainment available, he requested that we go bass fishing with Captain Matt to celebrate his big day. (We met Captain Matt during our stay last winter, and the boys thought he was amazing.)

On his birthday, we went out for a four hour fishing trip, and the kids pulled in some amazing bass. Plus, we enjoyed a beautiful day on the water. Bonus, Captain Matt is a wealth of eco information, and we learned about everything from python hunting to monkeys in Florida. (YES - there are wild monkeys in Florida.)

Of all the things to do at Disney, Bass Fishing on Bay Lake is our #1 top recommended activity.

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