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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

We wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK! We hope you've had a wonderful holiday week and everyone is staying healthy.

Williamsburg, Virginia, was our stopping point for Thanksgiving week - which we LOVED (post coming soon.) We were surprised to learn that in this part of the country camping for holiday weekends is fairly popular, and we were lucky to grab a campsite during the holiday rush.

We tried to slow down for the day and enjoy our blessings. Everyone played whitetailopoly (Sawyer's favorite holiday tradition), took several walks + bike rides, and watched Cowboys football. Despite the camper kitchen, we managed to pull off a somewhat traditional turkey day dinner, including some freshly-ground grits, biscuits and cornbread from the Old Mill at Guilford. The trees in Virginia are still in fall colors, and it was warm enough for us to enjoy dinner outside at the picnic table.

Sending hugs to all from our family to yours!

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