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Islamorada Must Do's

Theater of the Sea

We were a little hesitant about visiting Theatre of the Sea, but after our trip there we're so glad we did! The dolphin show is phenomenal! We also enjoyed a great sea lion show, as well as a beautiful parrot show. We spotted several very ancient and impressive sea turtles, as well as crocodiles and alligators. There are numerous additional opportunities to purchase interactions with a variety of the animals also. It is so incredible to see how smart these creatures are and witness just a snapshot into what they are capable of. We learned quite a few new facts as well!

See more about Theatre of the Sea HERE.

See Ernest Hemingway's Boat (replica)

Even if you're not a Hemingway fan, you'll enjoy climbing aboard this replica of the author's boat, Pilar. Serving as a centerpiece in World Wide Sportsman (a small version of Bass Pro Shop,) the boat itself was worth the stop here. The store is also really nice with any kind of fishing gear, island clothings, or water wear needed while in the keys. There is also a large deck out back lined with rocking chairs looking out over the water, as well as a pier with tarpon and sharks waiting for scraps from fishing charter boats parked nearby. An inviting restaurant and bar are also right next door along the water's edge - a fun place to visit for sure!

Feed (or just See) the Tarpon at Robbie's Marina

Just down the road from Fiesta Key RV is Robbie's Marina, where there are many little shops, a casual waterfront restaurant, and a dock where you can pay to go out and feed the tarpon. Robbie's docks also serve as a launching point for many excursions - jet ski tours, snorkeling trips and fishing charters. We enjoyed dining at The Hungry Tarpon along the sandy beach, although the place was packed. The tarpon feeding dock was so busy while we were there to eat that we opted for watching the tarpon on the charter dock right in near our table instead. The tarpon are HUGE!

We did go back another afternoon when it was slightly less busy to feed the tarpon on the feeding dock (it costs $2.50/person to get on the dock and $4.50 for a bucket of 5 fish.) There are tons of massive tarpon under this dock, and also several nurse sharks in the mix as well. The tarpon weren't exactly starving and lurching out of the water, but we did see a few jump. The best part of this was the angrily aggressive pelicans chasing down tourists trying to steal fish from the buckets. I'm not sure if the feeding experience is worth the price, but visiting Robbie's to just see the tarpon is a must!

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