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Kings Mountain State Park - South Carolina

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

While we were in the area to visit the Battle of Kings Mountain, we stayed at the Kings Mountain State Park Campground.

We really didn't know what to expect, as we simply picked it for its proximity to the battlefield. Pleasantly surprised by the large grounds spread out amongst a forest of towering trees, we felt like we were "real camping" again.

This campground reminded me of the summer camp in the movie "Parent Trap," the one with Haley Mills circa 1961 (not the newer version with Lindsay Lohan.) It was so fun!

The trails were a great place for us to ride bikes together. A quaint little log cabin served as the camp store, which sold hard candy and animal guides. Most of the leaves had fallen off the trees, but the weather was just perfect - warm fall.

We rented canoes to paddle around the lake one afternoon from the camp cabin. We were the only people at the lake, and it was so peaceful. Besides our occasional chatter and oars in the water, the only other noises came from turtles plopping off of logs or the local heron changing fishings spots when we disturbed him.

The next day, the boys decided to use the canoes to reach a concrete pier in the middle of the lake, and Sawyer caught a really nice bass. It gave an epic fight, and he had a lot of fun reeling it in.

The little lake pours over a really neat tiered brick dam.

Also part of the state park and just down the trail from the campground is a living farm to self-tour through. Historic structures were relocated here to replicate a full mid-19th century Yeoman farm, complete with a house, barn, cotton gin, blacksmith and weave shops, as well as a garden. This was right up our alley, and we loved it.

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