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Maine Military Museum - HARVEST HOST

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

We chose to stay at another Harvest Host in Portland, Maine. (Campgrounds were completely booked over the Columbus Day holiday weekend, so we were thankful for Harvest Hosts helping us find somewhere to stay!)

Because of its small size, we didn't expect much from this little museum. We thought we'd just check it out and go about seeing things around Portland. We ended up meeting the owner and getting a fantastic tour. (It is a privately owned nonprofit and runs off of donations.) This place may be small, but it is FULL of military memorabilia that spans centuries. Lee, the owner, shared so many personal stories to accompany the uniforms/artifacts/etc throughout the museum. It was an incredibly touching and amazing educational experience. We spent hours visiting with Lee in the museum, and he was sure to really involve the kids in the full experience, letting them handle weaponry and items on display. This was more than I could have ever expected, and we're so thankful we happened upon this little hidden gem.

This is another reason why we love the Harvest Host program - it gets you off the beaten path and into neighborhoods/businesses/areas that you might not think to visit going from typical tourist A to B.

You can read more about the Maine Military Museum HERE.

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