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On the Road Again

Gentry Adventures... SEASON TWO!

Six months in a house, one thing lead to another, and here we are off on another RV adventure!

Our ultimate destination is Florida this time around, but we are definitely taking one of the longest routes possible to avoid Winter Storm Landon which is due to dump a round of ice and snow across the midwest. The plan is to head south through Las Vegas, on to Tucson and across I-10 through the southern most part of the country.

With temps still below freezing and the camper still winterized, we planned to pull into a hotel for our first night's stop. As we got closer we decided to try out a dry camping spot in the Cabela's parking near North Salt Lake City. There were several other campers overnighting there as well, and the spot felt safe (plus relatively quiet.) We stayed cozy warm in the camper and scored a pretty good nights sleep. We'd definitely try this option again.

The goal for day two on the road was to get to Las Vegas, where a little pocket of non-freezing weather would harbor us for a few days before heading on south. This is the first time we've been through this part of the country while it's dusted in snow, and it really is quite beautiful. The rock canyons just south of St. George, Utah, are especially magnificent. We simply couldn't pass through Mesquite without stopping to say hi to some of our favorites - Roy & Lorraine! We love Mesquite and know we'll be back.

We reached Las Vegas just in time for sunset and rush hour, and even though we got stuck in some city gridlock, Raymond handled the busy traffic like a champ. It was an easy decision to return to the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort, just on the south end of Las Vegas BLVD, where we stayed on our last pass through town. It's an older resort in great shape, well-run, conveniently located, plus has great amenities.

It was so refreshing to get back in the routine of walking the dogs around the campground together. On top of the people watching, we love checking out all of the cool rigs and meeting folks from all over the country. Even Vegas is a little chilly this time of year, but the sunshine felt so good.

Next, we're breaking new ground and heading south to Tucson. We'll keep you posted!

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