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Schooner Sailing in KEY WEST

Raymond and I have always been drawn to sailboats, BUT we have zero experience with these beauties. We decided to take a tour with Classic Harbor Line in Key West on the 105-foot 1800's replica schooner, modeled after the winner of the first "American's Cup" of 1851. This particular schooner, America 2.0, spends half of the year in Key West and the other half in New York.

We completely loved this excursion! It was fascinating to watch the crew work the sails and thrilling when the captain cut the motor and let the wind carry us across the water. It is a gorgeous boat, and we loved exploring around. TIP: This same boat does sunset cruises, which the crew advised is almost always booked full. The daytime cruise (like we did) is usually not as busy so the boat is less crowded.

This experience was top notch all the way, and we highly recommend it!

Check out our video from Key West HERE.

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