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Sedona - Arizona

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

As we headed south out of Flagstaff, tall mountain trees suddenly dropped off to reveal the glorious red cliffs of Sedona in the distance. Sedona truly is just breathtakingly beautiful. As you drive closer and enter into the Red Rock Scenic Byway, the natural beauty from the red rock formations is magnificent - it's like driving into a postcard.

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Chapel of the Holy Cross

This remarkable chapel is nestled in the red cliffs of Sedona and one of the top stops for tourists. We were able to see it for ourselves, and the sun shining through the large cross window really is amazing.

We found a great hike that started nearby and enjoyed exploring the red rock country. The views were stunning!

Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village

One afternoon we stopped by the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village in the middle of Sedona. We grabbed smoothies for lunch and had a wonderful time wandering around. This charming area boasts an eclectic collection of art galleries, boutiques and eateries. It has the ambiance of an old Mexican village with multiple fountains and adobe architecture with tiled and stone accents. Clay pots with colorful flowers decorate the walkways and green vines climb up walls and trellises. There were several people playing guitars amongst the stores, and we heard that on certain nights there would be flamenco music in the village.

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